Potty Training, one of my New Years Resolution!

My 2011 New Years resolution was to Potty Train Madison and hopefully do it as quickly as possible.  So I decided to try the 3 Day Potty training method, I had a few friends that swear by it.  So off we went with the 3 day event.  Well, it didn't work so well, although it did get her jump started.  Our first day was Jan. 1 and I bought more undies, a potty calendar, a valentine sweet-tarts.  The treats and calender work great and she is going pretty well.  The only problem is we are still having tons of accidents, so after banging my head against the wall and running out of ideas from friends, families, books, the internet, I caved and we went to pullups.  She is still going potty everyday...LOTS of times during the day, but still having accidents.  I think some kids are just harder to train then others.  She does know what to do, she is just either playing to hard or just gets sidetracked and goes in her pants instead of running to the bathroom when she actually needs to go. We are now a month in..and fingers crossed, lets hope by March 1st I can finally announce we are accident free.

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