This weekend in Photos! :)

Sharing some photos of this weekend.....

Shopping at IKEA, Madi had to try out ALL the beds.  LOL  She liked this one the best.  My little cutie.

Tenley sitting in her highchair for the first time!!!  Go Tenley!!!  5months old! :)

Our weather has been in the 70's!! So beautiful!!  And great time for having fun in the sun!

Today she had to get shots, she was NOT ready.  We delay them until 5months. I felt so bad for her.  :(
 Playing at the park with Brittany!!  What fun! :)

Best Friends, Shay and Madison!!  They love to swing....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
 They were so sweet holding hands on the way to the car.  Shay came home to play!  They had a blast and watched Toy Story, played on the slide and only fought once over Madi's shopping cart! haha...  Good friends.


  1. Lol trying out the beds at Ikea is plain brilliant and suddenly makes me want to head over there for a quick nap : )


  2. I love the beds they have at IKEA, so inviting! Thanks for checking out my blog. :)

  3. Sweet pictures at the park!! :) Can't wait to see my girls (including you sweetheart), this weekend. yaaayy!! <3


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