"Monday..Monday....can't trust that day...Oh Monday, Monday, won't go away..Monday Monday is here to stay..Monday, Monday...Oh Monday Monday.."

How I loathe you Monday.  Its my catch-up day, the day to make the house spic-and-span clean, the day to run errands, make appointments, clean out the fridge, everything I don't want to do every other day is set for Monday.  Somehow, nothing gets done.  I get a bill in the mail from a hospital visit year ago that was paid, then refunded for no apparent reason.  I spend 2 1/2hours between the hospital administration, Tricare and Kaiser.  I am mentally exhausted after dealing with insurance companies.  During my extra long hold times and frustrating conversations with people who barely speak English my daughter manages to flush an entire roll of toilet paper down her bathroom toilet, then tries to fix it my flushing it multiple times while cleaning it with the toilet brush.  I run upstairs to find the bathroom flooded and my daughter trying to explain to me in her wonderful almost 3yr. old babble what actually just went down.  I wanted to get mad, but just laughed instead.  I then try to make dinner, but drop a Correlle dish onto my counter shattering, then onto my foot and breaking into a tiny million pieces on the floor.  I yell, "don't move and don't repeat the curse word mommy said when it landed on my foot!"  Fifteen minutes later we are glass and ceramic free.  Who says, "Correlle is un-breakable???"  Sorry, but not in our household.  If it can be broken..or not, it will probably be broken.  I pull myself together to make dinner, turns out the meat I thawed out on Friday, doesn't look so hot on Monday.  We were going to have Chuck Steaks on Friday, but  that didn't happen and I kept saving them for the next day..4 days later, not edible.  Time to inform the hubby there is no dinner.  I suggest tomato soup and grilled cheese, he agrees.  Grilled cheese would have been yummier had I added more cheese to cover the end of the loaf piece taste since we were out of bread.  Our tomato soup tasted like watered down spaghetti sauce, we don't waste food at our house, and I'm easy to please when it comes to food, but this was not enjoyable in the least.  After the girls go to bed I grab a bowl of cereal.  My youngest goes to bed at 730pm, my oldest 8pm.  Its almost 11pm and my 2yr. old is out of bed with her lights on for the 15th time.  She has never given me trouble at bedtime until she hit the 2yr. mark.  Its been a loooooong year to say the least.  Once she goes to sleep, she's golden, but getting her there is the battle.  Time to try again......  "Monday, Monday......can't trust that day......Monday, Monday...won't go away.........Oh Monday..Monday..."


  1. Ugh! I am right there with you today! I try to play catch up with the house, ran a ton of errands and I'm still behind on the laundry and my sheets are in the dyer, with my bed still needing to be made before I lay my tired body in it! Yah to Tuesday tomorrow so we can make up for the rest of what today lacked:( What a cycle we are on!

  2. I am so sorry honey. But I can go right along with you on how you feel b/c some days are simply "like that" for us moms. I'm hoping that by you getting it all out in a blog has helped relieved you a little bit. :) Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  3. Goodnight Moon--I hate that Monday is my catch up day, but its so hard to get everything done especially over the weekend when everything is closed. I'm trying to make up for what I missed yesterday....whew...its only 12pm and I feel like I haven't even scratched the service yet.
    Thanks Tracy! I do feel better after I blog. Some may say I share too much, but its the sharing that helps me through the daily grind. :)

  4. Soo entertaining. :) Thanks for the laugh. Been there, done that, and its okay, life improves. I promise. love, mom


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