Thankful Thursdays 3/24/11

1. I am Thankful my hubby grilled out tonight!!  Yummy Hamburger Sliders!

2. I am Thankful for Mel for watching Madi this afternoon so I could run errands.

3. I am Thankful for my 2 beautiful Daughters!  My youngest is sitting up, rolling over and just had two bottom teeth come in! :) My older daughter is moving closer to becoming completely potty trained, we had a very successful day with no accidents and she woke up dry yesterday.

4. I am Thankful for the Lord showing me to take one day at a time, and start organizing again.  He is not a God of disorder. 

Thank you Lord for giving me this day. Thank you for showing me to un-clutter my life again and organize and take charge of it, I refuse to let it take over me.  Thank you Lord for your many blessings and please show me how this week I can bless someone else.  In your Precious name..Amen


  1. Let's see...I'm thankful for having the day off work. Thankful for a house that I love, and thankful for the home that HE (God) has allowed me to create for my 2 boys. :)
    Thankful Ed clipped the doggies for me.
    Thankful my hubby doesn't care that we had an easy dinner. LOL


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