Publix Couponing! :)

My latest shopping trip at Publix!  I was pretty proud of myself.  I got a few things for free and the other stuff was really cheap.  Total before Coupons or Publix Sales: $230.67 after coupons and sale items my out of pocket was $109.43.

My free items:
2 Stayfree Pads(Publix Coupon and MFR Q stacked)
1 Huggies Wipes(Publix baby club coupon, buy Huggies Diapers, get wipes for free)
9 Fuze Drinks(I bought 15, don't worry..didn't clear the shelf, I barely made a dent, they had a sale going on for 10 for 10 and I had 4 buy two save $1 mfr q's and 1 Publix Q, buy 10 get 5 for free.)
4 Texas Toast Croutons(we eat salad a few times a week!  I wanted to buy more, but didn't want to clear the shelves....that is bad couponing manners.  Publix sale 99cents, I had 4 MFR Q's that doubled)
2 Lenders Bagels(Publix BOGO, 2 MFR q's, buy Country Crock get $1 off Lender's Bagels, so that made them free with Publix BOGO sale)
4 Free Baby jars Beech Nut(1 MFR Q they mailed to me from website)
6 Free Baby jars Beech Nut(2 MRF Q's I printed offline)
4 Yoplait Dora Yogurts(Madi eats yogurt every morning with breakfast, Publix Sale 2 for $4, 2 $2 Publix store Q WYB 2, I had 4 .50cent Q's that doubled to a $1)
2 Kraft BBQ Sauce Publix BOGO 2 for $1.33(2 MFR 50cent q's that doubled, I made a 33cent profit)
2 Small Smart Balance butters Publix BOGO sale $1.50 for both(2 75cent MFR Q) 

Almost Free Items:
2 Cover Girl Cheeker Bronzers(Publix sale, $2 off blush, made them $1.59, 2 $1 off MFR and 1 $1 Store Q, it actually made them 9cents each, but that's practically free!  haha)
1 Publix Spagetti Sauce(1cent Penny Wed. Mystery Item, 1cent is close to free to!)

Items with coupons, not free but cheap...or cheaper:
2 Sundown Vit. D $4.99 each(1 Publix Q $6 off wyb 2 Sundown Products, 2 MFR Q's $1)total $1 each
1 Chinet Napkins Publix BOGO Sale $1.08(1 MFR Q .75cents) total: .33cents
2 Mezzetta Gardinia Mix Publix sale $1.99(2 MFR Q's) total: 99cents each
1 Playtex Cloths $2.39(1 MFR Q $1) total: $1.39 
1 Huggies Size 3 diapers $10.99(Publix Sale $2 off, $2 MFR Q and I used the Publix Q buy Diapers get wipes free) total: $6.99
1 Huggies Swimpants Small $8.79(Publix Sale $2 off, Store Q $1.50, MFR Q $2) Total: $3.29
1 Huggies Swimpants Med. $8.79(Publix Sale $2 off, Store Q $1.50, MFR Q $2) Total: $3.29
1 Huggies Pull-ups $9.67( Publix sale $2 off, MFR Q $2 off) $5.67
1 5lb Dominoe's Sugar Publix Sale $2.99 ($1 MFR Q) $1.99
1 2lb Ground Chuck $5.80($1 off fresh meat when you buy 2 Webber Grinders) $4.80
1 Sargenta Cheese Slices Publix sale $3(1 MFR Q .75cent) $2.25
1 Arm and Hammer toothpaste BOGO $1.48(1 75cents MFR) total: .73cents
1 Frenches Mustard sale $1.25(MFR Q .30cents Dbld) total: .65cents
2 Weber Grinder Seasonings sale $1.69 each(2 MFR $1 off) .69cents each
1 Weber BBQ Seasoning sale $1.50(1 $1 MFR) .50cents
2 Gerber Fruit puffs $2 each(.65cents MFR) $3.35 for both
2 Frenches Spicy Brown Mustard $1.25 each(2 $1 MFR Q) .25cent each
1 Glad Drawstring 40ct $7.99($1 MFR) $6.99
1 1/2lb Boars Head Roast Beef $6.09($1 off any Deli Item Publix Baby club Q) $5.09


  1. That's insane!!! Love love love it!! You are doing so well. Ok, so what if we have a deal. I buy your personal needs really super cheap, and you shop for me for food? LOL

  2. Okay!! You got it! :) I'm sad my Publix will not be taking Target as a competitor anymore. It went out with the new Coupon Policy. They will accept Kroger and Ingles, but I NEVER get either of those...ever...I wish they would send me some coupons.


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