Stone Mountain Photo Shoot

Brian who just recently deployed took some awesome pictures of the girls! :)  
Thank you Uncle B!  
We love you!!!


  1. These pictures are AMAZING! What kind of camera does he use? I got a new Nikon and I would love to take pictures like that. And, of course, the girls are beautiful! Tenley's eyes really pop in the pictures along with Madi's beautiful red hair!
    A big thank you to Brian for serving our country! We pray for his safe return!

  2. Oh my goodness, I think he just bought a new lens for like $1300. He has a professional grade camera. It's ridiculous! I wish I had his money and time to get one!! lol I would love for every photo to look this amazing.

  3. Great great pics! Ur girls are soooo cute! :)



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