Tenley's Surgery

Last Tuesday night I noticed a large swollen mass in her groin area and I was so freaked out by it, that I screamed to my mom that was visiting from out of state to grab my other daughter and get ready because we're headed to the emergency room.  I called the doctor to see what they suggested as I started to calm down and since they were unsure they told me to come in right away.  While on our way, it hit me that we had just switched back to Tricare and this visit would not be covered...wonderful to remember at the last minute, right?  I turned around and called them to see if this was urgent enough for the Emergency room, or wait to make an appointment with the new doctor.  We decided to wait until the next morning to see the new doctor.  At our early morning appointment he confirmed it was an inguinal hernia and needed to be repaired immediately.  With our referral information I went home to find a surgeon.  I chose one at Egelston because I have confidence in our Children's hospital, rather than our local hospitals for a surgery.  The mass started to go down a little at home and we made an appointment the next day.  I then noticed her stomach descending and the mass swelling again, they told me to come in right away.  So off we went.  My husband was able to leave work early and meet me at the surgeon's office.  Two doctors examined her and confirmed as well and inguinal hernia and it needed to be repaired right away.  They will not go away by themselves and can cause serious problems if not removed.  In girls, it's almost always hereditary.  In boys its just more common I guess.  After a day of waiting, they were able to schedule her Emergency Hernia Repair for Friday as a work-in.  Friday morning we arrived and started the pre-op.  My little Tenley was pretty happy for not eating all night or morning.  Poor thing had no idea.  In the pre-op room they prepped us for everything and hours later they came to start the process.  It was very emotional and stressful for me, but thankfully my hubby was there to help calm my fears and lighten our mood.  Surgery lasted 1hr and 15min.  Probably one of the longest hours of my life.  Along with Madi's surgery on her eyes back in December, 2weeks before Christmas in 2010.  Needless to say, its been quite a ride with my little women.  Two surgeries in less than 1year.  She was in recovery about 30-45min.  When they brought her to us she was screaming bloody murder.  Pretty understandable.  Her little legs were numb, I.V.'s in her hands, a breathing tube down her throat for the anesthesia(it was removed before during recovery),  incision from hernia repair and small hole in her tummy from the camera scope to check the other side for a hernia....  She wasn't sure if she wanted her daddy or mommy..she was going back and forth crying, it was so pitiful.  I finally calmed her down and wrapped her up in a blanket with her paci and she took a little catnap.  A little while after her nap, they asked me to change her diaper and to check her vitals, not happy about that either.  She really didn't calm down until she was able to have her bottle.  We were able to give her a little water and juice, but that wasn't cutting it.  My girls are both great eaters, so to deprive them of food at anytime is worse than taking away their favorite toy.  Now that she was able to hold down formula and start to move her legs, we were able to be discharged.  Being home never feels more wonderful than after being in a hospital all day.  It was very exhausting.  I feel like I'm still trying to recover and I didn't even have the surgery.  Tenley is doing wonderful and is crawling around as if nothing has happened now. We are doing our best to keep it the incision and scope area dry and only give her sponge baths.  We are also giving Tylenol and Motrin to keep down any pain she may be experiencing.

This is her during Pre-op at Egelston.  So happy and so unaware of what was to happen next.  She is always so happy.  She is my smiley girl.


  1. I'm sorry your daughter had to have surgery. I'm glad she seems to be doing alright afterwards. I also wanted to let you know that your blog is going to be featured on the Wives of Faith Blog Spotlights this month.

  2. Hi Amber! She is doing great now. Kids bounce back so quickly!
    I did not know that about the Wives of Faith site! That is awesome! :) Thank you for letting me know.

  3. Amber! I just saw the WOF post!!! Thank you so much for featuring me! :) I feel so honored. I love you guys! The Wives of Faith site has helped me so much and now with my 2nd looong deployment I need all the help I can get. Thank you again!


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