Today I decided was the day to buy the plastic door knob protectors for a certain little toddler named Madison! :) I think they will work quite well. She has been opening doors for months and all the while, I have been cleaning up closets, toys, candles, bags, trash, etc... And I have had enough. So tomorrow will be our first day with the newly updated Toddler-Proof house!

On another note, baby girl Tremblay #2 is jumping, moving, and shaking all around. My belly is like a dance party. Its really funny to watch and feel all at the same time. I am 28weeks pregnant now so only about 10-12weeks to go. Whew..this time its just flying by. With Madison I felt like I was prego for an entire year, but not this time, its going so fast I can't even keep up. I don't have anything ready and I haven't been doing a good job of taking a picture weekly.


  1. I love it Tina!! It looks great:) I love your music list too.
    Gosh, I know all about the toddlers!! I found Joey headed upstairs yesterday, and there are NO WALLS up there, so he could fall right through the floor if he got near the edge. I had to block off the stairs with a bunch of junk, haha. Love ya!

  2. What a cute blog Tina! I love your background! Hope to see you soon!
    Much love


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