Potty Training Part 1

Yesterday I decided I was going to bite the bullet and start to introduce Madison to potty training. We have already been talking about it for months and I have even put her on the big potty just to try it out when she needed to go number 2. She has gone a few times for me, but very reluctantly and it was more of being made to do it then wanting to.
We live in a two story house so from all the Potty Training books I have been reading at the library they insisted you needed more than one potty, so I went and bought the cheapest one at Target to cover both floors. I had Madison pick it out, and I even had her pick out another pack of girly undies since I know we will be having lots of little accidents. She was thrilled and even wanted to sit on it while we were at Target, so I let her...fully clothed of course! haha Well, since last night, she has ran to the bathroom, said, "Potty, Potty!" And insisted I take her diaper off. Today we did the same thing, I let her go with me each time I went and she sat as long as I sat. And it was until late this afternoon before dinner, she finally went "tee tee" for me, but unfortunately, she was standing up and not sitting down, but I cheered for her and told her next time we would do it in the potty, but I gave her lots of praise for running in there, taking her diaper off and trying at least. So I think she is starting to get the hang of it, and right now its so fun for her so I'm hoping I can keep my patience and not make a big deal about the accidents, and overly praise her when she finally gets it right. And for my sake I'm hoping this process goes faster than slower to keep my sanity!

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