34 weeks Pregnant!

So here we are in the final stretch!  I'm 34 weeks, so if I could have this baby as early as 4weeks.  Madi was born at 38weeks, so I'm hoping for sooner than later.  I'm starting to get the comments like, "WOW! You're huge! You're about to pop!  Any day now huh?? LOOK at that belly!  Are you having Twins?? OH MY!"  Just a few things that maybe you should keep to yourself and NOT tell an already overly hormonal pregnant girl who still has a month and a half to go if she goes full term.  Beyond the comments, I am getting very excited and I think Madison is excited to meet her little sister to, everyday she touches my belly and pulls up my shirt and says, "BABY!"  So I think she is learning something big is about to happen even if she doesn't truly understand.  Wednesday I have my 34week appointment so that will be exciting to see where I am.  The Braxton Hicks contractions have been very strong the past week and especially today, so my body is definitely preparing more than ever.  At least I know the contractions are just moving me closer to seeing my new little girl!
God has blessed us so much.


  1. "Are you sure you're not pregnant with twins?" Seriously? I got that comment probably a hundred times while I was preg with Kaylan. I guess people think they are being funny when they say things like that, but they don't take the hint when you aren't the one laughing.
    I am so excited for you! I would have loved to have another little girl. Either way, we have been totally blessed, just as you and Paul have been!
    Take care sweetheart and don't take other peoples' comments to heart, some people can be pretty stupid when they see a pregnant lady--yet WE'RE the ones that lose OUR minds!

  2. LOL! I just had to delete the comment that I posted under Paul's name. I didn't know he was signed in.

    But, yes I totally agree!! Just b/c, people expect you to gain a million pounds they think its totally acceptable to comment about how huge and how miserable and how much you are about to pop ANY second even though you still have a ways to go.


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