I am 35weeks today!  Woohoo!!  One more week down, 4-5 more to go OR less! hehe..  Tonight baby girl thinks its a dance partay and is going crazy, she is moving and shaking and kicking me like crazy, my whole belly is jumping.  The down side to being so far along, is the miserable back pain, not being able to stand or sit for long and the really bad heartburn, and lack of sleep to name a few and....that's why I'm blogging at 12:25am!

33 1/2 weeks prego
Here is a picture of me at 33 1/2 weeks along,  I'll take one of me at 35 week and add that soon. I'm still learning how to use this blog and didn't really know how to add pictures to my post, but we'll try this out and see if it works! :)

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