Labor and Delivery Scare!

I went to my Midwives office today to get checked for Labor b/c, I have had contractions for a day and half and all night last night and I started the morning sickness again, and I just felt gross ALL over and was super concerned, so I went in and they put me on a monitor for about 45min., then she came in and told me I was being sent over to L&D, which made me burst into tears....don't know why, b/c, I really was fine, so I thought, but I couldn't stop crying, it was so embarrassing.  All the extra hormones I guess just got the best of me.  So I went over to L&D and they took all my vitals and monitored me from about 430-830 and she wasn't moving so I had to drink two cans of juice and a sprite and she finally woke up and started moving like a little muchkin and they had me on Ultrasound monitoring that lasted for about an hour just trying to check fluids, movement, hearbeat....etc...
Fluids turned out great no problems, heartbeat was fine, she is practice breathing so they said that is very good for only 35wks, everything else on the ultrasound was good to.  I even got to see her hair flowing in the fluid, they said she might have enough for a ponytail by the time she is born b/c, it was so much!   So the humor there helped my emotions lighten up a bit.
I'm only dialated 1cm, but she has dropped and they said I could go to 2cm before the weekend, and to just take it easy and slow and everything should be great.  And they also said no more driving, but I can't help that since I don't have anyone to help me and since Paul works all the time, but I told her I would limit my driving and movement as much as I can, but I can't make promises with a 2yr. old. 
So now I am home and just taking it easy, Thank goodness it was just a false alarm, I don't think my emotions could have handled birthing a child a tonight.  :)


  1. I know you're ready to meet her but not READY ready. Ya know? I feel for ya hun. It was so hard for me to "take it easy", let alone go on bed rest while I had another little one to care for. Good luck with that. If only we lived a little closer, I could help you out a bit :(
    You're doing great! Keep it up and remember to take a few minutes before bed to just sit and breathe slow, deep breaths. ((HUGS))

  2. Thanks Tracy!!! :) You're always encouraging!


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