Tenley Brooke's Debut!!! :)

Birth Story:
All day Sunday I was having some really strong, very consistent contractions, but every time I thought they meant something, they ended up going away, so I thought it was just more false alarms.  I finally decided to head to bed and it was 2am, because I knew as soon as I laid down they would stop, well at 330am I woke up in so much pain I couldn't move.  So I quickly called my hubby and told him to come home from work, I said, "this is it babe, this is it."  So he called one of our friends wives to come watch our 2yr. old so she could sleep and I could get checked out.  I called my Midwife and told her the pain and uncomfortable contractions I was having and she said, "if you feel they are strong enough then I will be here all night, don't call me back, just come on in and we'll be ready for you when you decide."  She told me to take a shower to relax and walk around to keep them steady, so I did both.  And hubby and sitter got there and we headed to the Hospital. 
At the hospital they checked me and I was a 3 1/2-4cm and 80% effaced and contractions were very consistent, so the MW advised me to start walking the halls and then using a birthing ball to keep them going and make them stronger.  I did that up until 8am and then it was staff switch(new nurses/midwives)  So the next midwife(the same one that delivered Madison) her name is Toni checked me and I was a 4 1/2-5cm.  So walking was helping the dilating so I continued to walk as much as I could, use the birthing, etc...  The new midwife started me on antibiotics for Group B strep and gave me an I.V. as well with fluids.  And then started walking again.  Finally I decided it was time for a nap, since I hadn't slept all day.  Well, that didn't work out because everyone was calling, texting, stopping by..  "Had the Baby yet??  Had the Baby yet?"
At 2pm she broke my water and the contractions came on like a banche and I told her the sooner we get the Epidural the better, I am getting anxious and hurting, so I got one and it started working right away.  I felt really good.  Except then it inhibited my mobility and things started to slow down.  After my water broke, I was a 6 and stayed there for awhile.
The next time they checked I was a good 7, then a few hours later an 8.  Then I stuck at an 8 for 2hours, so they said lets do Pitocin, so I started that and in 10min. went to a 9 1/2, then to a 10 right after.  She let me hang out at a 10 for a minute to let the baby naturally come down and she did, she was already in position all day.  So the time came to push and in 12min. I pushed her out, without a tear, just a few small scrapes and pulls.  They put her on my belly and I was now a mom of 2! :)
 Daddy holding Tenley for the first time.
 Madia, Nanny and Grandpa Charles came to be there.
 Nanny and Mom got to help me during labor.
 First family photo at the hospital minus Madi-moo.
 My midwives! :)  Toni and Shelly.

I had Miss Tenley Brooke Tremblay September 13th, 2010 at 11:42pm!!!!  She was 8lbs even(so I got my lucky 8) and she was 19.5in. long.  She was born at 38weeks and 5days

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