The all nighter! :)

So we're back in the phase of the all nighter's.  Tenley is actually doing better than I thought and the past few days has slept for 6hours straight which has been lovely for me.  But, for every 2 steps forward we take, we always take 1 step back, so tonight she had to break that streak and that is why I'm blogging at 1:15am!  She is wide awake and after feeding, changing, rocking, loving, I'm finally letting her cry it out a bit.  I know some people find that horrible and would probably scold me, but I need a break and breastfeeding around the clock for the past month to get her weight back up was challenging to say the least.  Gotta love Pediatricians.  We did start some formula and now I'm down to only 2 bottles a day, the last two feedings of the evenings.  That has helped tremendously.  And re-reading Dr. Lelia Denmark's book.  Just when I thought I remembered everything with Madison, I open the book to discover just one little thing I could do to change and make life more enjoyable instead of extremely chaotic with two children.  I recommend every new mom to get Dr. D's book, "Every Child Should Have a Chance" and Madia Bowman's book, "Dr. Denmark Said It."  I just started reading the newborn section and the advice is so helpful......I think the lack of sleep is messing with my common sense and brain power to figure things out on my own.  Tomorrow I will start on the Toddler/Preschool section.  I REALLY need that advice!  I think I hear quiet from the bedroom, so I'm going to try to get some zzzzzzzzz's.  Goodnight all my tired mama's. :)

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