Leaky Diapers?

The past few weeks have been a soggy mess in Tenley's bed.  She has slept through the night since she was only a few weeks old, but now that she is older and drinking more milk, she is waking up soaking wet.  I have tried putting on a cloth diaper over her disposable but we still have leakage.  
Dr. Denmark recommends putting the diaper on backwards when changing your newborn since her advice is to keep your baby on its tummy at all times including diaper changes to keep the very soft skull from being flattened and for the baby to feel more secure. 
It appears to be a silly notion for my daughter to wear her diaper backwards but if there is more coverage in the back surely this could work.  Wallah-- we have fixed the nighttime leaky problem!!  Here are some pictures of Tenley and her backwards diaper. 
On a side note, these are the free Walgreens diapers I got on my last Walgreen shopping spree!  See the "Couponing" category for that post.  :) 


  1. Thanks for that little tidbit! That's very helpful. There are some cloth diapers called g-diapers that fasten in the back like that. Although the diapers themselves are crappy (they don't work for us), they look so darn cute! Give Tenley hugs from me :)

  2. I will! Thanks for checking out my blog post! I need to start using Cloth Diapers, but I haven't buckled down and bought them. You keep inspiring me to do stuff I'm not doing.


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