My FIRST Painting! :)

Today at our bi-weekly MOPS Meeting we had an Artist come in who shared her talent and taught us how to paint a Pear.  I have never painted anything in my life.  During my childhood years, I'm sure my parents displayed some of my un-skilled artwork on the fridge.  But after that, I knew painting was probably not going to be my forte'.  
The Artist walked us through the steps during her class, but everything above is my own hand.  It was very therapeutic and opened up my desire to pull out the brushes and let my creativity come to life.

I encourage all my mommy friends to check out MOPS, here's a link to the website.  Find the closest MOPS group by entering your zip code on the left hand side.

For more information on the Artist that taught the class, her info is below:


  1. Where have I been?! I just saw the link to your blog from facebook so I head to check it out! Very cute! I am now a regular follower :-)

  2. Thanks girl! :) I've had my blog up since 2009, but really started getting into last year. Its a fun hobby and my family begs me to keep them updated and they are not all on facebook, so this gives me a little peek into our life. :) I love to follow yours to! Thanks for checking it.

  3. Awesome!! I wish I could paint. I have noo natural talent for art. But I loved taking it in school. LOL GREAT Picture!! You did good!


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