My first shot at Extreme Couponing!

Being recently inspired from the new hit TV show Extreme Couponing and  following Southern Savers and Thrifty mom,  I never knew I could save so much money by taking time to use coupons.  My previous experience using coupons was the item I was purchasing with a coupon was more expensive than another brand without a coupon so I gave up since I believed it to be a waste of time.  This week I decided to give it another try with my new found knowledge of tips and tricks.
These are my recent "DEALS" from Target and Walgreens:
Walgreens has Diapers on sale for Buy one Get one Free and a Infant Care Coupon Book that I requested from a Manager, the book was not displayed at the front. Scanning my coupon once it took $2 off every pack. This is what the deal looked like:
$8.99 x 4= $35.96
BOGO - $17.98
Coupon - $8.00($2 off each pack)
Total:  $9.98 for 4 packs of diapers!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Target Deals this week:

Bounce Dryer Bar was on the Clearance end cap on sale $5.08, originally $5.99.  My bounce coupon took $1 off making it $4.08.  Not bad for 3months of dryer sheets and they smell awesome!  My husband even complimented the wonderful new aroma of our clothes.  Here is what it looks like inside my dryer.  So far, I'm sold on the product.
Next we have the Suave Children's Hair/body wash and Detangler for my 2 1/2yr old.
Originally $5, on clearance for $4.25, using a coupon for a $1 off made it $3.25.  Not to shabby making the items a little over a $1 each. :)  Especially something used often at our house.

Last but not least my BEST deal of the week:
Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Power Shower spray originally $6.99, on clearance for $3.48.  I printed a coupon for $3 off at can find the link for on the left side of my blog) making my Daily Shower Sprayer 48cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AAAAHH!!!  This particular purchase sold me on using coupons again.  :)

Helpful links for couponing:


  1. Thanks for the links! I really need to get in the habit of couponing!

  2. You're welcome! Those websites are so helpful, I couldn't figure it out with out them. I've found though I don't have to buy EVERYTHING that is on sale...only items I actually use/need. bahahaha...Spent a little to much with coupons the other day even if I did save $67. lol


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