Busy Mom Pantry

There are a few items that every “Busy Mama” pantry should have on hand. These foods are perfect when you find yourself saying “There’s nothing for dinner!” or find yourself not feeling well and needing something good and comforting to fill the tummy, or you need a meal in a pinch.
Canned diced tomatoes
Canned tomato sauce
Potato flakes
Frozen beef and also chicken
Canned meats
Frozen vegetable mixes (the large California style or soup mix)
Egg noodles
Garlic salt
Various Mix packets like McCormick’s for stews, soups, crock pot recipes
These food items are shelf ready for a good long time.
On a day when Mom isn’t feeling too well, you can whip up either a comforting pot of chicken soup or beef stew to simmer in the crock pot all during the day. The smell of good food cooking whets the appetite but also takes you back to days when you were a little girl. I love my crock pots, matter of fact, I have two and I use them both.
The next crock pot I invest in, though, will be digital that allows me to set the time, then when the cook time is complete, the crock pot automatically converts to a “warm” mode. That way I can truly get my meal done early in the day and not have to worry about it till serving time.
If you have any particular recipes you’d like to share, feel free.


  1. I love to brown pork chops in a skillet then put them in a crock pot to finish slow cooking which makes them really tender. I toss in a can of Cream of (mushroom, or chicken, or celery) soup (and do NOT add water). This makes a wonderful natural gravy. Pair with a salad and or a can of green beans and theres a quick full meal.

  2. Ooooooh! That sounds extra yummy. My pork chops are always tough, I will have to try the crock pot thing! Thanks for the recipe! ;)


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