This weekend in Photos! :) End of February 2011

 Well, mom...this is how the weekend got started......
 Big Sissy thought it would be fun to put a Hello Kitty Sticker on my face!!! LOL
 Then sissy used markers to color all over her face.  Mommy thought it was funny, but big sissy did not and wanted it off promptly.  You can see a little tear on her face.  She is very upset when she is "deerty."  LOL

I had a Friend come to play!!

 Then we went to the park!  Big sis loved climbing on the dragon.

 We got to visit with Mimi and Uncle Ethan!

Then picked Uncle Brian up from the airport and he bought sissy a frosty and made me laugh! :)

  Good times....good from the mouth of my babe.


  1. Love it! Tenley tells a great story! I love her little hand gesture in the first pic, too cute!

  2. Such sweet little faces. Yes, I do love the read hair!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the vote! I'll vote for you too!!


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