Walgreens FREE Deals!!!

I experienced another complete freebie yesterday since starting my hard core couponing! I was on my way to visit a dear friend who just had her first baby, a beautiful little girl.  So there is only one package of diapers, but I bought 2 at the BOGO sale.  Below is the breakdown. :)

This is the orignal price before discounts and coupons:

Walgreen's Diapers Newborn 2 packs $8.99 Each=  $17.98

Purex Crystals Clothes Softener: $6.99

Right Guard Men's Body Wash x2 at $4.99= $9.98

Right Guard  Men's Deodorant x2 at $4.49 = $8.98

Total: $43.95(total without tax)

Now for the real breakdown:
Walgreen's Diapers Newborn 2 packs BOGO= $8.99
$2 Coupon took off $4 for both packs
Total: $4.99(one free and one $4.99 or $2.50 per pack)  Where can you buy good diapers for $2.50 a pack???

Purex Crystals on sale: 4.99
$2 Coupon and $2 Register Rewards on next purchase
Total: $0.99  99Cents for Clothes Softener???

Right Guard Men's Body Wash and Men's Deodorant were BOGO, I bought 2 sets: $9.98
I used BOGO Manufacturer Coupon from Sunday Paper 
Total: FREE!!!  Seriously??  FREE!!  Can't beat that.  

Total for entire purchase: $8.84(7 items purchased)
I had a savings of $35.45

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