Thankful Thursdays 3/17

I was inspired by my blogging friends to start a Thankful Thursday post...

1. I am Thankful my hubby was home for this Holiday!!  St. Patty's Day!  Last year he was in NY, New York for Military Training.
2. I am Thankful to have friends make me smile every Thursday at Playgroup.
3. I am Thankful for Dominos!  YUMMMMY!  Thin Crust Chicken/Spinach Pizza.
4. I am Thankful for "The Office" for making me laugh....again.
5. I am Thankful that I am inspired by all the people around me to be a better person and live that life out for my girls.
6. I am Thankful I was able to purchase new workout clothes at Ross, with money from items sold on Craigslist! hehe....
7. I am Thankful my friends were able to bring their new, beautiful daughter home from the hospital today and I was able to love on her sweet face.
8. I am Thankful for my hubby watching the girls tonight and having them in bed by the time I got back.
9. I am Thankful for my friends who encouraged me to coupon, because now I am able to bless others with free and cheap deals.
10. And lastly I am Thankful I am part IRISH!!!!!  HAPPY SAINT PATTY'S DAY!!!

Thank you Lord for giving me this day.  Let me a woman that my girls would be proud to be like.  Thank you for reaching me, even when I'm not seeking you.  Thank you for all your many blessings.  Amen.


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