Dollar General Deals

Like most small towns we have the wonderful store called Dollar General.  I don't shop their often, but its there when I need something quick.  We had one roll of toilet paper left and needed it ASAP.
Anytime I run to the store, even for a minute I grab my binder.  You never know when the stars will align and you find that "deal!"  I'm so glad I did.
Here are my 3 "deals" from yesterday:

Febreeze was $3.50
Coupon for $1 off P&G Sunday Paper
Making it $2.50

Gain Fabric Softener 40 loads $3.75
Coupon for $3 off P&G Sunday Paper
Making it $0.75cents

Magic Eraser was on Clearance mark down aisle for $1
Coupon for $0.75cents 
Making it $0.25cents

All that for $3.50!  YAY!!!!!!!  Not too shabby.

I also bought Scott Extra Soft Toilet paper 8 BIG rolls for $5 and had a $1 coupon, but that wasn't a significant deal to me.  Its hard to find good, cheap toilet paper and coupons to go with it. We needed toilet paper regardless of a sale or not. 


  1. New Reader - Awesome savings! I really like your blog! :)


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