Extreme Couponing again...

This is my biggest haul ever! :)  My total was $300 at Publix and after my coupons I only spent $124.22, with tax the total was $132.84.  I saved, $175.78 with coupons and Publix BOGO deals.  I purchased a lot without coupons that's why my total was still over hundred.  But, not too shabby.... :)  Here's a few pics, I loaded the stuff up, it doesn't look like a lot, but I will break it down to.  This was a good week to stock up on snacks..so I did!  I have started a nice stockpile of food, so I can buy the things on sale with my grocery budget now and get things super cheap, like treats that I wouldn't normally buy. LOL  :)

20 jars of Baby Food Meat 99cents each          Beech Nut Rice Cereal                       2 Ragu Spaghettie Sauce                                   Oxi Clean(big tub)                             Magnum Ice Cream Bars                                    Nature's own Bread                             2 Boxes of Frosted Flakes                                  Smart Balance Milk                           2 Meat Kabobs($4 each)                                      1 Ground Round($4) 3 Perdue Fresh Chicken($6 each)                                       2 Boxes Frozen                                  2 Tyson Anytizer($6.99each)                                  Velveeta                                           2 tubs of Helleva Good Dip                                   2 Odwalla Smoothie Drinks             Corona Light($11.99)                                              2 Perrier Lime liters                        2 boxes of 90 Calorie Fiber One Bars                4 Boxes of NW Granola Thins           2 boxes of Golden Graham bars                         2 boxes of Chex Mix Bars                  Publix Brand Bagged Salad                                2 Oreo Fudge Cream Mint packs Nantucket Dbl Choc. Chip Cookies                   4 18ct. Boxes of Playtex Tampons     2 Tubs of Gaviscon AntacidTablets($7.98each)                                                           2 Boxes of Frozen Fillo Dough                             2 Publix Frozen Veggies                   2 Fridge Del Monte Cups                                       2 4pack DOLE Fruit Cups               Lay's Cheddar Chips                                              3 Cans of Rotel                               1 Package Huggies Pullups($9.67)                     Huggies 184ct Wipes Refill               Huggies Toilet Wipes                                             1 Moscato Wine                               1 John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo                   1 Cover Girl Eyeshadow.

(I have no idea why my list looks like this, they are all in order when I edit! UGH)

At Target these were my deals:

Nivea's Men's Body Wash: $3.04, used $3 off Q= $0.04cents!
Kandoo Wipes: $1.42(on clearance), used $1 off != $0.42cents!
Nivea Sun Kissed Glow: $8.99(regular price), used Target Q $2 off & MFR Q $3 off= $3.99
Aveeno Hand Cream Travel: $2.69(sale price), $2 off MFR Q=$0.69cents
Colgate Battery Toothbrushes: $5.64(clearance), $3 off MFR Q's=$2.64each

Transaction total: $11.34 without tax

I printed my Nivea Sun Kissed Coupons, Tyson Coupons, John Frieda and others from here!!!  Go print some coupons from my link! :)  Thanks!

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