Freebies and SUPER Cheap deals.

These are my freebies of the past few weeks! :)

This is from Target!  I signed up awhile back when they had this freebie available.  The bag alone was $5.99 on the shelf at Target.  And the little freebies were $1 each.  And I received an entire booklet with $25 worth of coupons.  I've already used a lot of them. 

A friend blessed me with the Enfamil Lipil and 4 easy packs of Formula, I got those in the mail yesterday.  The other Enfamil Samples came free from my doctor at my daughters last visit. :)  Love the freebies, they are such a blessing.
 I bought the Enfamil Lipil below from Walgreens.  It was on mark down for $3.49, I had a coupon for $2 off a regular size can and it made it $1.49!!!  I was so thrilled.  

 Busy week!  I have a lot to catch up on, just wanted to share a few deals. 

Don't forget to print your coupons this week off! :)

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