Too much Toy Story...Military Spouses might find this humorous...

*Scroll to bottom to silence my playlist to watch video. :)

Sergeant: [Three of Andy's army men are preparing to jump out the window with parachutes] We've done our duty. Andy's grown up.
Army Man 1: Let's face it. When the trash bags come out, we army guys are the first to go.
Buzz Lightyear: Trash bags?
Woody: Who said anything about trash bags?
Sergeant: It has been an honor serving with you. Good luck, folks.
Army Man 2: You're gonna need it!
[they jump out]


  1. I love Toy Story movies. My boys grew up with them all. I stumbled upon your blog today, and I am glad I did!!
    -The Glamorous Army Wife

  2. We do to!! The first one came out in 1996 when my little brother was 2years old and we watched that VHS over and over and over and over its fun to watch it with my daughter now. :) Thanks for checking out my blog. Its nice to meet more Military Spouses. :) Especially Army! HOOAH!


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