Madison's Birth Story

So on April 7, 2008 at 6am I woke up soaked and was unsure if it was my water breaking..this is my first one...well, I got up and changed and laid back down b/c, I was exhausted. Well, not 10min. later it happened again. I told the hubby and he said that I peed on myself. LOL So I changed again and decided to get up and do some housework and take a shower. At about 12pm I called my midwife and she said come in asap. But, I was still so tired that I laid back down and took a nap with the hubby and about 3:30pm we went to the Midwifery. Well, sure enough it was my
water breaking and she told me not to go home, but to got get some dinner, walk around the mall or walmart and check into the hospital around 6-7ish. At the hospital I was only 2cm and 85% effaced and she was +2 station. They wanted to put me on Pitocin to speed things up, since it had been so long since my water breaking and they wanted to have the baby at least within 24hours of that happening. Well, I was against the Pitocin, and decided to wait it out. At 1030pm still no change, so I conceded with the Pitocin.  I labored all night long with contractions and walked and walked the halls..thank goodness I took a nap before going because, I didn't sleep until she was born. At 7am, the midwife checked again, only a slight change, 2 1/2 cm. :( So she decided to break the water bag completely, since the day before it was just a leakage. Right after that the contractions came on so strong it took my breath away. I wanted to go natural, but at 1030am I was dying in pain, just balling my eyes out. She was so low in the birth canal. From 7-1030am I went from 2 1/2-4cm, then from 11am-1pm I went from a 4cm to a 10cm. Everything happened very quickly and I was still crying in pain. At 1030 they gave me a dose of Nubain and called for the Epidural. Well, it didn't work at at 1130am I was still dying in pain, so they called the Chief of Anesthesiology to come and see what was wrong and do a 2nd Epi. By the time he was finished I was ready to push and I didn't get any relief. I felt EVERYTHING. SO much for the Epi. I coughed and pressed down a few times before pushing and 15min. later she was out and born at 1:55pm. I didn't tear, but stretched a lot so the Midwife gave me 3 small stitches to help with the stretching.
As soon as her head popped out she started was music to my ears! They laid her on my chest all gooey, but no blood surprisingly and she was beautiful! Daddy helped cut the cord and watched her get checked.
She was 7lbs even and 20 3/4in born at 1:55pm on April 8, 2008
She has a ton of red hair like mom!!! :)

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