Weekend in Photos!

My big girl turned 3!!!!  YAY Madi! :)  Scroll to the bottom and pause my music if you want to watch the video.

We went to the Zoo the day before and she had so much fun with her friend Shay.  They kept holding hands, it was so cute.  I had to take lots of pictures.

 Feeding the ducks and having fun!
 Playground time!!!
 Hanging out with her Mimi(Nini)!!

 Riding the horse at Chuck E Cheese..she wasn't too sure about it and when the game started she quickly wanted down.
 She ran from Chuck-E-Cheese!  I would to!!  Look at that crazy mouse!!
 Papa and Tenley!
 YAY Hunter!!  We know how to play Skiball!
Tenley was upset we wouldn't give her cake, she grabbed it a few times and got chocolate everywhere.
 She couldn't wait so she dug in, put her face right on the cake and took a bite, we were laughing so hard.

We finally made her a piece!  I totally forgot the candles!  Bad mom...bad mom...  But we sang Happy Birthday!!! :)

Cake! YUM!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh she is so cute! I'm partial to red headed kids myself though! ;)

    Happy Birthday to her!!!

  2. Awesome pics! She's adorable. Happy Birthday to her :-)


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