Thankful Thursdays 3/31

This week has been an emotional week for sure.  On Sunday we said farewell to a Police Officer who was shot while on duty.  My prayers everyday have been for the precious children, boy 2 and girl 5 and a beautiful wife who misses her husband terribly that he left behind.  

 A family that attended the funeral had a son deployed to Afghanistan and when they got home, they received news their son had been killed.  He was set to arrive home in 3weeks.  My city is mourning.  My heart is mourning for people I have never met.  The uniformed community may be a small one considering the ratio, but such a closely and firmly integrated one nonetheless that we all mourn when we lose one.


Sometimes I forget to be thankful for just life itself.  The air I breathe...the steps I take, my family, all the good around me and the blessings I hardly notice because sometimes I'm to preoccupied with my current life battle to see.


Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you and say thank you for giving me grace all these years.  I want to thank you for pursuing me even when I don't care to notice.  I would like to ask for healing for the family dealing with their loss this week and the hate that brought these two men down.  The grief is probably so unbearable, but Lord, give them peace. 


  1. This is heartbreaking. I know the feeling...last week my husband's unit said goodbye to one of their brothers. It's never an easy thing! My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and people of your city.

  2. Thanks mom.

    Val.det.. I will say a prayer for your husbands unit, that is so very hard. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers they are needed for the families.


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