Extreme Couponing at Walmart!!!!!!

This was my most fun shopping trip so far!! Probably, because it was the cheapest!  My total was $60, but I only paid $5 out of pocket.

My Walmart deals!
6 Women's Nivea Body Wash, on sale $3.00 each, MFR Q $3= 6 Body Washes for FREE
3 Beech Nut Baby Rice Cereal: $1.44 each, MFR Q $1 each= 44cents each or $1.32 for all 3. :)
4 Walmart Brand Baby Banana's 81cents(no coupons)= $3.24
5 Similac Ready to feed formula: $3.84 on sale=$19.20 4 MFR Q $3.00 and one Similac Ck for $5
Desenex Powder: $4.97(no coupons)
2 Ivory Bars of Soap: 97cents each: $1.94, 2 MFR Q's $1 off each=Free Money Maker by 6cents! haha
All You Magazine: $2.49(no coupon)
Scott Tissue: $5.24, $1 off MFR Q= $4.24

I also used Walgreens Register Rewards MFR Coupons, $5, $4, and $2.

My subtotal was $2.17, after tax, I paid $5.24!!!  I was screaming, that's for sure!  The magazine was more than $2.17!!!
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