Potty Training #4

Today Madison did something new, she decided to christen Chic-fila and Target.  My rule is to always take her when something changes, for instance, driving, then getting out of the car to go eat.  Should have gone straight to potty, I know her little bladder won't last.  Well, in the middle of lunch she stood up and gave an "uhoh" look.  Yep, right there all over the seat and floor in Chic-fila.  I should have learned my lesson then, but I decided to run to Target for a few things, and right in the middle of the big aisle, she yells, "mommy, peepee now!"  We started running...looking quite humorous to other shoppers as pee runs down her legs..we finally made it to the bathroom as I stack all my items on the floor outside the door, so not to be accused of stealing.  She finished, changed clothes and off to check out...yep....some days are just better than others!  HA!  We have made it almost a week with no accidents, just to have a crazy day of a few accidents.  Soon, I shall make this a book of potty training woes, for all the people who can't potty train their child in a day.  Someday I will look back and laugh at these moments, but for now, I will still turn beat red every time I'm running through a store following my 3yr old screaming, "PeePee mama!! NOW!"  While humbling telling a Target associate...."ya might wanna clean up on aisle 10.  My daughter left a little surprise." 

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