Thankful Thursdays! 8/4/11

What am I thankful for?  Some days as a mother I am thankful that I survived another day!  Life as a Military Spouse is not one for the faint of heart and I learned that a few years ago when my husband was Deployed to Egypt.  My first experience of loneliness as a spouse. 

1. Thankful I had a friend show her love by offering a book, "Power of a Praying Wife" during our first separation.  Thank you Tiffany Crump for listening to me and helping me set foundation for the years to come.
2. Thankful that I have survived this many deployments/training.  My wonderful husband and I have spent more time away from each other than together in the 7years we have known each other.
3. Thankful for the YMCA showing their love by offering a membership sponsored by Military One Source.
4. Thankful that I can have pride in my husband serving our country and doing it with a better attitude than I would have! ha!
5. Thankful for the wonderful people I have met on this journey.  Military wives know better than anyone what it means to serve.


  1. Haha...most days I am thankful I survived! ;) Military life, especially as a mom, is so hard! What a great post to remind everyone to stay positive! I'm a new follower via Top Mommy Blogs and Wives of Faith! :)

  2. Hi Semper Wifey!

    I hear ya! This road is rough sometimes.
    Thanks for following!! :) I've been following you now to. I love to read other Military blogs.

  3. I'm a new follower from Top Mommy Blogs and an Army NG wife who is excited to have found you!


  4. Hi Angie!! Its nice to meet you! Sorry I am delayed in my response, October, November and December are busy around here and I don't get to do a lot blogging as you can see. :) I will check out your site and say hi.


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