Brian Wilson Photography, PHOTO Booth fun!

This past weekend was a blast at my cousin's wedding.  My brother was the photographer and did an AAHHmazing job if I say so myself.  This is current website if you want to check out more of his work:

I wanted to share the crazy photo booth fun we had!

                                                Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lane!

                                                           Tinktink and Caitcait being silly!

                                                     The Beautiful Bridesmaids!
                                                         My brother E-man!
                                                             My cuz Sarah Jojo and E-man
                                                          My lovely Grandparents
                                                       My crazy older brother Jay!
                                               My bro Jay and Uncle Jon

                          My oldest daughter Madison, she was already in comfy clothes after the wedding.
                                                     Being Silly!

                                                My crazy mom and Aunt Loretta
                                                   Caitcait and mom

                                                   My crazy cuz Rhin!
                                                 My youngest daughter Tenten!
                                                 This is one is my favorite!  LOL
                                                        'Staches are in!

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  1. You can have so much fun with photo booths. More people need to know how easy it is to rent one. My wife and I recently rented a portable photo booth for our wedding and it was a blast! Everyone had a great time and now we have tons of pictures to remember the day by.


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