Just like all the other bloggers, I have been sucked into Pinterest.  I was so skeptical at first, but then once I saw how fun it was to decorate my house, plan my kids birthdays, plan all my friends weddings and showers I was addicted.  Here is one of the little projects I tried the other day.

My two girls LOVE makeup, but I don't like them playing in my real makeup, so I needed a solution that looked real, but was completely fake.

Here is my version of "Fake Makeup."

Instructions: Buy the super cheap nail polish. Shake polish very well, then let sit for a minute.  Pour very slowly into cleaned and dried old makeup cases. I would recommend, pouring one layer, then letting it sit for 48-72 hours, then pouring another layer.  It will shrink, so you will have more room to pour more over the dried layer.  I let mine sit for 3 days away from little hands and bugs or anything that might want to jump in and get stuck.

My girls are having a blast with it! My mom even made some for my girls and did an awesome job!  She made foundation, blush and lipstick!  I will have to post photos of her handy work.

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