5month Feeding Schedule

5month Feeding Schedule

Put on 3 meals a day and 3 bottles or breast given at 
7am, 12:30pm and 6pm.

Breakfast-- One egg, 3 Tbsp of cereal, small amount of meat, banana, prunes or applesauce.
All food is mixed together as before and heated thoroughly to cook egg.  I cook mine on the stove using the white stone Pyrex bowls with a handle.
At the end of the meal give a piece of toast or bacon to learn to feed himself.  Then an 8oz bottle or breast milk feeding.

(Each new food is added in the same manner as at 3months)

Lunch-- 2Tbsp meat, 3 Tbsp vegetable, 2 Tbsp cereal or potato, 2 Tbsp cooked fruit, one banana.  8oz bottle of milk given after baby food.

Dinner--Prepared in same proportion as lunch.

You may also start sips of water from a sippy cup.   Juice has too much sugar for such a young stomach and also very unhealthy.  Fresh fruit like bananas, prunes, & applesauce are great alternatives to juice. 
Baby will stay on this diet until they develop molars to chew, whole or mashed food can cause irritation to the stomach.

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