Extreme Couponing my version!

This week is Walgreen's BOGO Diapers/Pull up's sale, so I grabbed 6!  Used my $2 off Walgreen's coupon from the Infant Care Booklet and received $8 off my order I also received some face wash for free.  Here are the pictures and I will break it down for you. :)

Infant Care book at Walgreens with TONS of awesome coupons.
Leftside: Pull-ups, Middle Size 5 Wag Diapers, Right Size 2 Wag Diapers
Sorry its blurry!  My phone was ill tonight.

Diapers $8.99 per pack = $53.94
Clearasil Face Wash $5.79(on sale for $3.79)
Tax: $3.46
Total before discounts/coupons: $63.19

BOGO Sale on Diapers and Pull-ups Discount:  $26.97
Infant Care Coupon: $2(quadrupled for 4 items)= $8.00 off 
Clearasil Walgreen's sale: $2 off(originally $5.79)
Clearasil Coupon(online print out): $2 off
Walgreen's Bucks to use next time in store: $2

Final Cost including tax: $22.13 Not to shabby from $63.19!!!!!


  1. That's REALLY awesome!! I love to get something for nothing!! LOL We also scored a good deal at Walgreens this week. We found Walgreens spray sunscreen (which we really love b/c lotion doesn't cover as well as the spray.) It was on the clearance shelf for $3 and had 2013 shelf life. So we bought 3 of them and got 2 free once she used an instore coupon. Crazy!!

  2. Yay!!! I bet your hubby is happy :) YOU GO WOMAN!! :D

  3. OH wow mom! I need to go get that, we go through sunscreen around here!! That is so awesome! :)

    Thanks Brittany!! Paul is happy!


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