Fall Break!

I can't believe Fall Break came so soon.  This was our fun week!  Tenley and I were sick for some of it, but we made the most of being home all week.

Day 1: Carve the Pumpkins and Bake the seeds!!!

Madi said she did not want to dig anything out of a Pumpkin, it was kind of gross and Pumpkin's scared her, but she would help choose the face of the Pumpkin!  haha

Madison's Pumpkin was on the Left and Tenley's was on the right!!  Thank you Daddy for making our Pumpkins so beautiful Madi said!! :)

So the girls remembered their Pumpkins, Paul carved their first intial!

Paul is great in the kitchen, he baked some Pumpkin seeds in butter and salt and they were amazing!!!

Day 2: Play Outside, Make Cookies, Start on Fall Cards for Grandparents

All kids need a fenced in back yard.  My girls play outside for most of the day.  I have to bribe them to come in every night! 

Making cards for the Grandparents out of state was on the agenda today.  Tenley was not thrilled we were giving her card away and started screaming and crying when I tried to put it in an envelope.  

Theme this year was "Pumpkin Patch!"  Using their Thumbprints, they made a lot Pumpkins and I filled them in.  Madi helped me pick the type of faces she wanted on hers.

 This was the inside of the card.  This one was to NanaLuLu, the Hubbies Mom.

 Madi said, "mom, it's ok, I'll hold both of them!"  She has a little marker on her face.  I'm constantly correcting them for drawing on their face and arms.

Madi and I found awesome Mini Cookie Cutters at Hobby lobby.  The girls made a huge mess, but had so much fun making them.  Here they are holding their platters with their creations.

Tenley's VERY First experience making cookies, she ate more dough than she used her cookie cutters, eating the dough is part of the fun!  Although, I don't think the raw egg helped her stomach any!

Day 3: Watch "Charlie Browns, The Great Pumpkin" and other Halloween themed Cartoons, Hubby cooked dinner, so the girls and I had a day on the couch watching movies.

 My wonderful husband made Beer Bread and Chicken and Rice Skillet meal one of the days Tenley and I were really sick.  He is so good in the kitchen.  Thank God for an awesome Mother-in-Law who taught her son about cooking and not being afraid!  Love you Linda!  

Day 4 & 5: No pictures because I felt horrible!!  haha..  We listened to Jingle Bells and watched a Christmas Movies, my kids prefer Christmas over any other Holiday.

Day 6: Play outside ALL day, Paint and make the Grandparents Fall Cards 

Our last day of Fall Break we made more Autumn cards for the Grandparents.  Madi said she was "personalizing hers!"  I guess she has caught on with my ThirtyOne!  This was all done on her own with no prompting from me!  I was so excited, I had to take a picture immediately.


  1. your kiddies are so cute here haha and the fall festivities AWESOME!

  2. Thanks Bella! :) We are so ready for Christmas we decided to cram all of October into one week!! haha

  3. Hey :) I tagged you in a post... check it out here :D


    its this whole thing i got tagged so ... yea haha

    1. I just saw it!! How awesome! I have never done the "tagging" thing before, so you will have to tell me the rules! :)


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