Ethan's Graduation Weekend

        CLASS OF 2013!!!!!!!

Ethan's Senior Graduation Fun weekend!!!  May 2013 These pictures are for all the family!!!  ENJOY!!!!!! :)

Ethan and Mom

Ethan and I!  LOVE HIM!!

Ethan and Dad

Ethan and his little Niece

Ethan with Aunt Deb and Uncle Wally

Ethan and Sandra

Walking in!!!

Receiving his diploma!!!!  GO ETHAN!!!!  CLASS OF 2013!!!!!

My little brother is all grown up!!!!  Welcome to Adulthood ETHAN!!!  SO proud of you!!  Love, sis

Ethan and Dad!!

Brian is in the Airforce and couldn't be there for his big day, so we FaceTime'd him so he could experience it LIVE!!!

Brian and Ethan!!!

Big Brother, little brother!!!!  :)  Jay and Ethan!
Ethan with Ed's Grandmother

Ethan with Ed's Mom and her husband Jon

Ethan with Peggy

Ethan with Ed's dad and his wife Martha

Ethan and Granny

Ethan with Mom and Ed

The Siblings!!!

Ethan and his Girlfriend!

His awesome Cake!!

OH YES, I gave him a ThirtyOne Duffle from our April Sale!!!

The memory board I made him! :)

We had such a great weekend!!!  I was so excited the girls and I were able to attend and celebrate with him!

WE LOVE YOU UNCLE ETHAN!!!!  Love, sis, paul and your nieces

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