Potty Training On-the-Go 31 Style!

It's that time again!!!  POTTY TIME!!!  My youngest turns two and the current question of those inquisitive of my motherly training, "Is she potty trained yet?  I trained mine in three days!  I didn't train mine at all, they trained themselves, mine were born trained."  I've heard all the great ways to potty train  my girls, but in the end, they are two normal girls who take a normal amount of training.  So now that we've got that straight, I got some cool tools to help you get through the madness if you don't have a little Einstein of the potty room.

Being a ThirtyOne Director, I'm never at a loss for bags, the fun part is finding a use for ALL of them.  So for one of my favorite little Mini Zipper pouches, I came up with the Potty Tools to go!

All you need is a Mini Zipper Pouch, Purell Wipes, germ-X wipe, M&M and/or sucker(for reward for going), Mint Alcohol in small spray bottle to clean down toilet and extra set of undies, you can purchase the mint alcohol at Walmart.  I also pack a mini-doggy bag(dollar store) for soiled undies and keep a clean pair of clothes in the car.  This is just my grab and go!!  The strap is great to hang in bathrooms to!

**Potty Training Girls**
A few tips I have learned my second time around.

  1. Go slow! Pressuring your child will delay the process(I speak from experience) HA! 
2. Make it FUN-stickers, M&M's, Dance, Silly Song, Hi-fives!
3. Make it EASY-practice makes perfect
4. Purchase Large Jug of White Vinegar(cleaner for carpet and undies, kills the smell)
5. Accidents happen everywhere, your carpet and sanity will survive
6. In the Car- A travel Potty, Jug of Water, Wipes and toilet paper(you will not always
have access to a public bathroom, I have stopped on the side of the road many times)
7. Buy a Fels Naptha Bar at Walmart/Ace Hardware(looks like a bar of soap, but
will get all those stains out from a uhoh accident)
8. REWARD your child with something BIG once they are accident free for a month!


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